Tackling global challenges together

Innovation Action exists to help bring people together to innovate on global challenges. We provide a space for Open Source designs to be shared and collaborated on from people all over the world.

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Do you have designs for solutions, or production capability, to help the response to Covid 19?

How does it work?

This platform seeks to address some of the world’s most pressing problems by hosting designs and linking them with manufacturing capability.

We do this by seeking, vetting and connecting innovations to local manufacturing resource.

Collaborative initiative

This platform was launched by a consortium of partners brought together by innovation catalyst Global Disability Innovation (GDI) Hub and led by UCL Engineering

We are beginning our journey by building a technology and innovation pipeline to support the #COVIDAction led by Frontier Tech Hub. Join the challenge here

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the website will be an innovation exchange addressing global challenges such as Assistive Technology – using the principles of open-source innovation to positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world who are living with disabilities.

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